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The Garage: A Forgotten Space

The American single-family dwelling is anything but constant. From architectural style and floor plans to fixtures and furniture, the home evolves aesthetically and functionally with every passing year. Once a place solely for food preparation, the kitchen has been reimagined for gathering, dining and entertaining. The basement was an excellent place to hide utilities or washing machines long before the term man cave entered the lexicon. Backyards now host gardens, firepits and more. And in recent years, the American homeowner became fixated on another underutilized and unimaginative space: the garage.

Our Process

Your home is where memories are made. But over the years your garage became the home’s junk drawer – a place for storage of vehicles, boxes and lawn care equipment. A testament to our confidence in our process and the quality of our products is the promise of our limited lifetime warranty. Meet bdurable, helping homeowners recover and transform the home’s final frontier.

Scratch Test

By performing a scratch test we are able to match your floor with the exact diamond hardness necessary for optimal grinding.

Moisture Reading

This is a CRITICAL step to make sure your floor does not FAIL. Many skip this step, to cut costs and corners. However, this is a crucial step. If the moisture reading is too high, your floor will fail.


We use the top-of-the-line grinders on the market. This high-end equipment grinds at a much more efficient level than any others, which allows the material to adhere substantially better than any other grinders.

Crack Fill

We go above and beyond and make your garage floor look brand new, by filling cracks, divots, and pitted areas. We improve existing floor blemishes to ensure we leave your new garage floor looking phenomenal.

Base Layer

The base layer is squeegeed on and then is rolled to keep the floor consistent. We use a very high-grade material that is made in the USA. This material has a lot of research and development behind it, so we can keep your floor very high quality.


Consistency is key. We make sure to flake the entire floor to give the best look and feel. We carry 8 top-of-line flake colors suitable to fit the needs of any homeowner’s style.

Top Coat

A final top coat is applied that prevents scratches from affecting the appearance of the B-Armor coat and seals and protects your new floor.

bdurable: There is No Comparison

If you want functional curb appeal, you want bdurable, the remarkably engineered enhancement to garage floors.  Effective. Long-lasting. Jaw-dropping. It’s the perfect blend of form and function, expertly applied by our team of professionals in only a day.

Ready to experience world-class durable floor coating? Start your free estimate today.

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